Update - 5/14/16

In the past couple of weeks, the Encased supplies team have been talking about the rate at which the company is progressing. We have decided to have a change in leadership to accommodate for our student’s class schedules and we are now moving in a new direction. We are taking a step back and re-designing the Foldacase. We have hired an independent product designer team to create the new product and we hope to have prototyping done within 2 months. After prototyping is done we will immediately send the plains to be manufactured and we expect our new release date to be mid to late 2019. We apologize for yet another pushback, but we are confident that this will be the final release date, if not sooner. We thank you for your patience.


         Update - 12/02/15

We have successfully drafted our first Prototype and have given it to Provail to manufacture. Progress will hopefully begin to gain momentum as we prepare for manufacturing in early 2016. We wish to apologize for the recent lack of updates, as our students have been busy with school and other activities.

   ​        Update - 8/18/15

            Announcing our partnership with Provail!

To those who have been wondering where we were, we have decided to partner with Provail, a non-profit manufacturing company located in Seattle. Once we have finished the blueprints for the completed Foldacase, Provail will mass-produce them and ship them to us. We are sorry for not updating our page for a while, but, within the next months, they will finally be ready for purchase.

By Students  For Students