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Update - 1/26/15

Supplies for the first 500 have shipped to the manufacturing facility. Work on the pre-production proof can now begin. Manufacturing has been scheduled to continue throughout the next few months and updates will be posted as the production continues.

Update - 3/13/15

Top/bottom plates cut, drilled, and finished. Tool leveler shafts cut and drilled. Tool leveler support rods punched and glued in shafts, ready for shelves. Shelves ripped and cut, ready to be secured onto tool levelers.  

Update - 2/3/15

Pre-production proof has been built and functions as intended. Production for the first 100 units can now begin. Swivel mounts are the first part that will be produced and 600 will need to be produced for the first 100 units. A future update will be posted when they are completed, currently set for early March.

Update - 4/11/15

Ruler adapters secured on swivel mounts. End cap assembly continues. Paint tested with six Foldacase sample models. Tool levelers refined and ready for painting. Launch date predicted for 3-4 weeks from now. 

Update - 3/5/15

Swivel mount pieces have been cut and assembled for first 100 units and function as intended. They are now ready to be painted. Top/bottom plates have been cut to plastic sheets and will be cut width-wise shortly.

Update - 3/27/15

Shelves glued, sanded, and attached to support rods. Ruler adapters cut and ready to be secured on swivel mounts. End caps cut and ready for bore. End cap assembly will continue for the next few weeks and final assembly will follow.