By Students  For Students

what is it?

The Foldacase Classic is a functionally unique school supply case, designed to improve a student's organization and preparation. This unique product incorporates a 6 inch ruler, a highlighter, a black marker, a black ink ball point pen, a mechanical pencil, and a push eraser all compacted evenly in a small, lightweight, yet durable case. The tools fold outward like a multitool in the outdoors market and detach with a light pull from their swivel mounts to be used practically. Once done, the user simply reattaches the tool onto the swivel mount and folds it back inward where a magnet will secure it in place for travel. Two thick plastic top and bottom plates ensure the tools remain clean and damage free in the harsh conditions of a student's backpack. The entire case is structured around four aluminum rods, maximizing durability while maintaining a low weight.

who benefits from this?

Both the student and the parent benefit from the Foldacase Classic. A common occurrence among students from elementary school all the way through high school is the misplacement of supplies. Pencils and pens uncontained in a backpack can get damaged, dirty, or lost while in a conventional pencil pouch they can be troublesome or time consuming to get out while getting dirty from loose graphite or ink spillage and damaged from lack of rigid protection. The Foldacase Classic solves all of these problems by individually organizing each tool to prevent them from getting dirty and mixed together while encasing them in a strong case, preventing damage. Using a tool from the Foldacase Classic also requires minimal effort as the student does not need to search for it due to the organized functionality it offers. As for the parents, the Foldacase Classic not only reduces the cost of general school supply shopping, but it also cuts down the time spent shopping by compiling all the basic tools a student would need into one package.